What To Bring

In packing for your stay at FBRF, bring rain gear, warm clothes, and an extra pair of shoes or sneakers in case it rains. We also recommend bug spray, a blanket for seating, sunscreen, hat for shade, a plastic container (or two!) for water, plastic bags for trash, extra toilet paper (just in case), a lantern or a flashlight with extra batteries, a camera, and prepare to have a great weekend!

When To Arrive

The festival gates will open at 8:00 a.m. on Friday

What Will Be Provided

Potable water, Medical assistance, Security, Wash stations, Portable toilets with toilet paper will all be provided. We will have hot showers available to our patrons, so please plan accordingly. We have power and water hookups for RV’s but you must reserve them from the French Broad River Festival. Thank you for planning accordingly. For information on camping reservations contact us through the “Camping” form in our contact section.

Vendors will also be selling a variety of reasonably priced foods,beverages and snacks.

Security & Safety

We cherish your safety and well being at the French Broad River Festival. PLEASE do not drink and drive. If you need assistance at any time while at the Fest, please speak with a French Broad River Festival staff member or volunteer.

All vehicles are subject to search.

Stay away from the railroad tracks. These are active tracks with regular train traffic.

If you have an emergency, please find someone in an orange shirt, security personnel, or go to the festival registration.

Security and Medical services are provided by FLOW Event Services LLC. Find them at the First Aid Booth onsite and at

Audio & Video Recording

The French Broad River Festival allows audio & video recording as long the artist also allows it. If an artist that is playing does not allow recording we ask that you please be respectful of their wishes and turn off your recording devices. Set up of recording devices is allowed in a designated area by the soundboard. Please bring your own microphones to record, as we cannot guarantee any type of soundboard access and soundboard recording outputs are often already taken by our archival crew. Bring your own power! We cannot guarantee any type of access to AC power. The sound crew is extremely busy, so please do not interrupt them in their duties with special requests. Thank you!

Here is a quick link to a bunch of audio recordings from the festival over the years. Thanks to for hosting and all the tapers for capturing the groove!

FBRF recording information

Bring a good attitude and plan to have an awesome weekend of music and fun!